A Guide to the Chakras

The Base Chakra – Muladhara

Part 2. YSNH Chakra Series: Tools for Balance and Healing

Meaning: Root/Support

Symbol: 4-petalled lotus encompassing a downward pointed triangle in a square

Essence: Physical needs and basic human survival/Vitality and will to live/Tribal connection and sense of belonging

Location: Base of spine, between anus and genitals

Colour: Red                                    Element: Earth

Sense: Smell                                   Developmental age: 1-7 years

Lessons: Grounding/Stability/Security/Stamina/Standing up for oneself

Keys: Awareness of physical body/Meeting one’s survival needs/Being in Nature/Making your house a home/Nurturing your Inner Child/Feeling a connection with family/Forming a sense of group identity/Connecting to Mother Earth

Animal: Elephant

Aromatherapy: Vetivert, Patchouli, Myrrh

Sanskrit sound: LAM                   Rune: URUZ

Affirmation: I accept and value myself. Life offers me everything I need. I am taking responsibility for my life. I am connected with Mother Earth.

NEXT INSTALMENT: The Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana

Part 1. YSNH Chakra Series: Tools for Balance and Healing.

The 7 Main Chakras

Meaning: Sanskrit for wheel/disc

Appearance: A spiralling outward movement, roughly shaped as funnels (inside which are more funnels), back and front of each Chakra.

What are Chakras?
Spinning vortexes of energy through which we receive, transmit and process life energies, and interact with the immediate environment and Universal Energy Field. The human body is a network of locations and points where there is focussed and concentrated energy relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies.

The 7 chakras correspond to aspects of our consciousness, and have individual  characteristics and functions. They are openings through which our attitudes, belief systems, emotions and feelings are transmitted to our cells, tissues and organ, and are closely aligned anatomically to the limbic brain and the spinal cord.

Working with the chakras, enables us to deepen our self-knowledge, integrate all levels of our being and become whole.

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