Emmalene Katayama: Practitioner Statement

We are all on a voyage of self-discovery. Sometimes in the busy hubbub of our lives we can become enmeshed in complexities, feel out of balance and lose sight of our core self, that part of us which is the Soul.  Often tension and pain we may experience physically and/or emotionally suggests that there is friction on a deep level between how we exist now and our true selves.

To reach our full spiritual potential, an individual needs to be grounded, their heart clear and open (to give and receive love), and connected with their Higher Selves. Crucial in this is a loving acceptance of your Self in all its aspects, both light and shadow. My role is to help people tune into their Soul Self and encourage their self-empowerment.

By providing you with a safe, confidential and non-judgmental forum for you to observe your life in the present moment with detachment and awareness, and by encouraging you to release any physical tension and pain, negative entrenched thought patterns and ties that may shackle you to the past, you can move toward a greater sense of inner balance, peace and contentment in your life.

The focus at each session is on the realignment of any imbalance identified using a creative and intuitive approach to your healing. With in-depth training in Holistic Aromatherapy, and Spiritual and Shamanic Healing, and a decade of invaluable experience working with clients, I can offer you a diverse range of effective tools of healing to support your transformation and enable you to move forwards in your life at an accelerated rate.

The starting point at each session is you and your unique needs, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, at that particular time. You are encouraged to be pro-active in your own healing at all times. At the end of each session, where needed, you may be given personal affirmations, meditation, movement and/or breathing exercises, and bespoke aromatic potions, to work with between sessions.

Emmalene Katayama: Client Testimonials

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