Emmalene Katayama: Client Testimonials

Crossing paths with Emmalene was certainly good fortune for me! She has such a special gift, a wealth of knowledge and experience and the ability to heal the heart, mend the spirit and restore the body.

The energy coming from Emmalene’s hands is absolutely lovely, exquisite – really soft, gentle but completely in control. Thank you, Emmalene!

Emmalene always unknots my shoulders, eases my stress levels and helps me get my ‘problems’ into perspective. Speaking with her is as useful as the massage itself.

Emmalene always makes me feel completely safe and supported.

I look forward to each session immensely and always leave feeling like I have been cleansed physically and spiritually. I have a connection with Emmalene that I have never experienced with any other practitioner. Sessions with her enhance my day to day existence on every level.

Having had considerable problems with my shoulders and neck over several years, I have had so much benefit and enjoyment from the massages Emmalene has given me. She always displays a great sensitivity of touch and empathy with the client. I can feel pressures and tensions lift from me as her massage skills alleviate my pain. For the duration of the massage, I feel perfect joy.

Emmalene uses different (essential) oil mixtures depending on my mental and physical state at the time, and I feel that every oil used was perfect and did the trick.

The massage sessions have made a remarkable difference to my life. Firstly, they have given me an opportunity to focus on myself. The consultation time has enabled me to reflect on what it occurring in my life. I am now focussing on the important things and have letting other less important things go. Overall, the sessions have helped me function better and manage my life more effectively. I can operate more efficiently at work, and give more of myself as a parent and enjoy parenthood more. Each session has made me feel re-energised, more content, positive and in control of my life.

Spiritual and shamanic healing – Wow, what an experience that has been! The shamanic healing has greatly increased my confidence in my own judgement, and also my satisfaction with my life as it is and as it will be as I choose to change it.

The whole treatment has left me feeling more positive and given me a different outlook on life.

I was quite surprised how therapeutic all the massages were. I think this is a lot to do with Emmalene’s personality and commitment.

After the course of healing sessions with Emmalene, I know I can achieve whatever I want in my life.

I felt held, supported, accepted and encouraged by Emmalene during the healing session. She was totally present throughout.

After the first Sound Healing session, I feel significantly different. I am feeling more in tune with myself, as if something has been lifted from my throat. I find that I am able to express myself in a more succinct and true way, and am communicating what I am thinking more. I feel that I am no longer repressing or sabotaging myself. There is a ‘strength’ around me and I am in my flow. At work, I have been able to be more ‘matter of fact’ and less apologetic. I have definitely felt able to express myself more confidently and concisely in one to one situations. My mum and dad have noticed the positive difference in me.

Since my last session, I have felt wonderful with renewed energy levels and a love for life.

Despite usually feeling cold all the time, since my last session, I have noticed that my hands are permanently ‘toasty’ and that I have an inner heat now. It is like I have the fire in my belly back.

I have found the Sound Healing immensely powerful. I felt as if I was levitating for most of it. I felt a sense of calm and found breathing much more natural.  Amazing! Thank you!

Since the Shamanic Healing sessions, I am certainly getting a sense that something has clicked.

The whole experience of Soul Integration was very peaceful, very serene.
Since my Soul Recall session, I have noticed a sense of peace and contentment, and I definitely feel that my heart has become open to other people.

I am still quite blown away by these experiences (Shamanic Healing) and a number of people have since commented on my new-found happiness, calmness and energy.
I found the Soul Recall experience beneficial and emotional. I went through my life from being a baby, schoolgirl to adult. Full Circle! During the Sound Healing I saw colours… deep and dark in the low tones and glowing in the higher tones. A butterfly was there in misty colours. I felt as though a space has been created to be filled with hope, happiness, peace and joy.

Afterwards, I felt that I’d had a full night’s sleep, very rested and relaxed.

The positive thing that I have found is that I’m more assertive than usual. In fact, the big thing is that I am not afraid to be angry or cross now. I know there are times when it’s justified or even necessary, and I know now how to use my anger productively. It doesn’t wear me out and leave me guilt-ridden, because I don’t let it build up or dwell on it afterwards.

My intention upon entering the healing with Emmalene was to purge myself of fears and resistance to having a child. I soon moved into an accepting place where I found myself drifting and having images and visualisations of childbirth. There was a point where this became very moving and I did feel that the old energies were shifting. After the session, I felt clear and grounded with no ill effects whatsoever (as can sometimes be the case with therapies). It was the day of healing that I began to feel differently, losing much of the fear that I had been carrying. I feel much more centred, and…I feel much more able to trust and go with it. I realise that since the healing, I have turned a corner and been able to acknowledge that previously I was more attuned to death than life, and was avoiding really living.

I am very grateful to Emmalene for the healing, because since then, I do genuinely feel different – so much feels to be loosening and shifting now.

After the healing session, I feel that I have toughened up and got my humour back.

I find Emmalene to be a caring, supportive, happy and insightful therapist who always makes me feel comfortable, safe and secure during treatments. I have visited Emmalene for Intuitive healing, Aromatic Massage and Shamanic Healing. This combination of therapies is and continues to be a key part of my physical, spiritual and emotional healing following repeated IVF failure and miscarriage. Healing and Aromatic massage has helped me to relax and regain a sense of wellbeing at times of great stress. The aromatic massage aspect of the session has been wonderfully relaxing physically and helped with aches and pains. In addition, sessions have helped, through Emmalene’s insight and suggestions, to replace negative thoughts with a more positive outlook and to deal with my very busy head! Shamanic healing has helped me get to the root of deep seated negative emotions and given me a renewed sense of strength through letting go of issues that were burdening me for a long time. During the Shamanic healing sessions, I could actually feel negative energy being removed from by body through the sounds being made by the therapist. The meditative aspects of the session also helped me to be totally relaxed and allow myself to become open to this unusual process of healing. I found it to be a powerful and emotional experience which I am sure will help me to continue to grow, particularly spiritually.

Emmalene Katayama: Practitioners Statement

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