Diploma in Aromatherapy Full Details

Thank you for your interest in studying the Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy course at the Yorkshire School of Natural Healing.

The Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy course at the Yorkshire School of Natural Healing is accredited by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and designed to meet the highest Aromatherapy standards in the UK, and enables you to practice as a professional Aromatherapist in the UK and abroad.

Closely following the IFPA syllabi, we strive to deliver our teaching in an innovative way that stimulates your body, mind, heart and senses to embed your understanding and knowledge of the subjects studied throughout the course. We believe that learning must be an engaging and enjoyable experience for you to reach your optimum potential.

Holism is our philosophy. We encourage you to work with an integrated approach, encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  This is reflected throughout the course, from your study of each of the 60 Aromatherapy essential oils, essences and resinoids, to how we nurture your evolution as an individual during the course and as a future professional Aromatherapist in your client care.

The Diploma course will run on the following weekends 10 am – 6 pm Saturday and Sunday:

1. Mar 30/31 2019, <Apr OFF>, 2. May 18/19, 3. June 15/16, 4. July 20/21, <Aug OFF>, 5. Sept 21/22, 6. Oct 19/20, 7. Nov 23/24, <Dec OFF>, 8. 25/26 Jan 2020, 9. Feb date tbc, 10. Mar date tbc., 11. Apr date tbc., 12. May date tbc.

Theory Exam (Saturday) and Practical Exam AM and PM sessions (Sunday), June 2020, dates tbc. Case study Portfolio submission – July 2020. Graduation – Sept/Oct 2020.

(See Diploma Course Dates for full details).

The Aromatherapy Module (120 in house study hours) along side the Massage Module (60 in house study hours) will be delivered by Emmalene Katayama (Holistic Aromatherapy, Massage, Case Study work, Personal Development), Josie McMaster (Anatomy and Physiology, Research, Counselling Skills), Liz Christie (Pathology and Clinical Aromatherapy) and Lianne Gray (Aromatherapy and Essential Oils supply) on the training weekends, with visiting specialist tutors for Aroma-Chemistry and Botany.

On weekends 1-9, students will be practising their consultation and massage skills on each other, and on weekends 10-12 there will be Massage Practical Days, in which unknown ‘members of the public’ will come in for their consultation and massage for students to consolidate their skills prior to the exam.

See Diploma Outline for an outline of the contents covered in both the modules.

For full details of the course content, please request the syllabi for the Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage modules, which can be sent to you by email.

The course demands your dedication and commitment to background reading and completion of the monthly theory ‘enrichment tasks’ (our name for homework) and their prompt submission. Your enrichment tasks in the main are to be submitted in the form of a Word document, or similar. You will also need to complete and submit as written case studies 60 hours of Aromatherapy massage sessions at the end of the course. Once you have got the back massage routine under your belt, you will be ready to embark on this on case study work.

Submission dates for the continuous assessment portfolio, containing your monthly enrichment tasks, is the last teaching weekend in May 2020, and for the Aromatherapy case studies portfolio in July 2020.

The examinations for the Holistic Aromatherapy exam (3 hours written) and the Massage Practical (observed consultation and full body Aromatherapy massage by an external assessor from IFPA) will take place in June 2020 (AM/PM sessions). There will be a theory revision day on Weekend 12.

A motto close to our heart is healer heal thyself, and we provide you with opportunities to grow and develop personally during your time with us. We encourage clear and open authentic self-expression and active listening throughout and in sharing circles, often with meditation and/or breathwork. We hope this monthly experience will better equip you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to be grounded, open-hearted and connected for your own well-being and for working with fellow students and with your case studies during your training, and your clients when you are a practising professional Aromatherapist.

As an independent school, we are able to offer you the highest academic training in Anatomy and Physiology, Aromatherapy and Massage in a uniquely nurturing environment in Brighouse. It is easily accessible by car (close to the M62), train and buses, and there is plenty of parking in the town centre. The buzzing little town provides you with pleasant surroundings to unwind during your lunch-hour along the canal and in the nearby parks, and for eating out and shopping. Students who do not live locally are encouraged to stay overnight on the Saturday of teaching weekends.

The investment for the course is £400 for the Anatomy and Physiology module (£100 deposit upon enrolment and the remaining in 3 x consecutive monthly instalments of £100*), and 2,500 for the Aromatherapy and Massage training (£350 deposit upon enrolment and the remaining £2150 as a one off payment in Mar 2019, or as many of our students prefer, in a monthly instalment plan by direct debit, with a choice of timeframes to suit personal financial circumstances.

For example, for the 12-month plan Mar 2019 – Feb 2020, there would be 12 x monthly instalments of £179.17 by direct debit (£204.17*), for the 16-month plan Mar 2019 – June 2020, there would be 16 x monthly instalments of £134.38 by direct debit (£153.13*). Note that with direct debit plans, there will be a £5 admin fee each time).

* the monthly amount if including the £300 remaining for A and P.

The examination fee of £150 will be due in June 2020 prior to the exams.

See How To Enrol and Diploma Application Form for the full application procedure and application requirements.

If you have any questions or simply ‘wish to talk things through,’ please don’t hesitate to contact the School Principal Emmalene Katayama directly by email to emmalenekatayama@gmail.com or call 01484 384297 / 07951 011423.

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