Testimonials from our Graduates

Diploma in Holistic Aromatherapy 2008-9

(A) uniquely stimulating and exciting environment to learn!

Being part of the Yorkshire School of Natural Healing is so much more than just ‘being on a course.’ The experience is fun, fascinating, challenging, inspiring and in fact life-changing.

The Tutors provide a level of enthusiasm and dedication which nurtures every student’s personal growth as well as facilitating learning and feeding the desire for further knowledge.

I have found the course very special with the Tutors using a creative, enthusiastic and very stimulating approach. It not only provides a good understanding of the art of Aromatherapy but encourages individuals to explore their own potential as future Healers. The teaching is sympathetic to individual needs and instils a confidence and self belief in oneself.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in a career encompassing the use of many wonderful Aromatherapy oils and Massage in an intuitive and sensitive way.

I am so thankful to have found the course that I had been looking for and it felt so right immediately.  Not only does the course focus on the teaching of holistic healing through aromatherapy and massage, but enables students to express and explore themselves spiritually.

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